GET REWARDED: Reveal Rewards


We know you have choices.  We want to THANK YOU for your loyalty and support of The Style Palette.  Learn more about Reveal Rewards below... 

This reward program is exclusive to our Facebook group.  Make sure you are a member of our community at


--Try on your new Style Option (you were going to do that anyways!)

--Snap a photo, and post a Reveal on The Style Palette Facebook group page within 1 month of receiving your item. When possible— please include the “name” of the Style Option, as well as the link to the website.  The full Style Option must be shown and easily visible in your photo. Multiple photos/views, as well as styled outfits are encouraged! Style Options must be shown on (please note…hanger pictures, for sale posts, and returned items will not count toward point total).

--You will earn 1 entry for each Reveal posted (1 entry for each Style Option, duplicate reveals of the same Style Options will not be counted). 

-- Each month, The Style Palette team will pull name(s) at random from that month's entries.  Winners will receive a FREE Surprise Style Option! We will pick out a surprise, just for you— that we think you will LOVE (we use your past purchase history/sizing when selecting your surprise).  You will automatically receive your free surprise, included with your next purchase! (Free Surprise Style Options from Reveal Rewards are not eligible for return/exchange)

 --There are no limits to how many free Style Options you can earn!  Each month is a fresh start, and a new chance to win.  Past winners are entered into the drawing as usual, and can win again the next month or any following month.
--We love Reveal Rewards, not only just to give away free clothes, but also for you to be able to enjoy other member reveals. Reveals allow you to see your favorite Style Options-- styled in all different ways, and on all of our unique body types (for help with fit!)  See ya in the group :)
(Checkout the Reveals done in our Facebook group from one of our beautiful members below!)