Behind the Scenes

Welcome to The Style Palette!

I’m guessing you are here because we share a common interest, the love of clothing.   That great feeling when you put on the perfect new outfit.  Clothing that gives you that unexplainable boost of confidence and just makes you feel happy.

My name is Lauren, the owner of The Style Palette.   A fashion lover from the start, I have always been drawn to beautiful clothing.  I have shopped countless wonderful boutiques over the years, and have filled my wardrobe with many amazing pieces.  As life progressed, finding time to shop became harder (2 young kids may have had something to do with that!)  I wanted to shop online, but could never find everything that I wanted in one place.   Stylish, cute, unique, comfortable, practical, and quality clothing.   In addition, I was looking for great prices, sizing recommendations, free shipping, AND exceptional customer service.

Now you know how The Style Palette got it start.

Although the Style Options here change quickly, my focus for our boutique never will.  We endlessly search to bring you not only on-trend styles, but those practical pieces in your wardrobe that get the most wear.   Those “Comfy, Casual, Cute” outfits that you reach for over and over again.   Pieces that you can easily throw on during your busy day without much thought…and you instantly feel beautiful.   Unique Style Options is our thing, we LOVE details on easy to wear pieces— crochet, lace, buttons, varying hemlines, detailed backs, fun patterns and super soft fabrics. The kind of stuff you won’t find anywhere else.

As an online shopper myself, I love the ease of having a new outfit show up in the mail… but realize the challenges that shopping for clothing online can present.   To help with these challenges, we provide detailed information about each and every Style Option.  We offer measurements for all sizes, fit recommendations, and as many photos as possible— to help you pick the right Style Options for your body type.   We will always keep our Style Options priced great, and give you the option to return if something doesn’t quite work out for you.

If you prefer to shop in person, visit our Boutique storefront location at 5075 South Union Street.  South Bloomfield, OH 43103 (located at Pickaway Place).   We would love to meet you, and help you find your favorite styles.  Along with our clothing selections, you will SOON also find UNIQUE home decor and gifts.  We will be offering a variety including one of a kind gift-worthy items, handmade wood pieces, our own line of locally sourced natural candles, and an awesome section of boutique style Ohio gifts/gear-- which will have you shouting OH-IO on the way out :)

The Style Palette’s Facebook group is also super fun and helpful, with an amazing community of women who love to share Style Option Reveals and provide sizing/styling advice.  (We can’t forget to mention those good things like sale announcements, grab bag opportunities, Style Option voting, pre-orders, giveaways, and more).  We would love for you to join us! 

We are always working toward bringing you the perfect mix of these things, to give you the best experience possible.   Should you need anything (help with fit or sizing, have  suggestions, etc.) please don’t hesitate to shoot us a message.   We love hearing from you, and are so unbelievably BLESSED that you are here.